Teenagers – Ju-Jitsu – Yellow Belt

Sean Connley
Teenagers – Ju-Jitsu – Syllabus
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4 students

Kaisho Martial Arts – Ju-Jitsu Syllabus – Yellow Belt Lessons

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Sean Connley
I have been in the martial arts for over 40 years. Firstly learning Karate where I obtained 1st Dan Black Belt, followed by Kickboxing, also obtaining 1st Dan Black Belt 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu, which I was given on the 23rd September 2015 by Cobra Martial Arts. I worked in the security industry for 6 years and have competed in tournaments around the UK being crowned. I have trained with some experienced instructors in and around the UK for many years. I have also been invited to teach at number of seminars throughout the country, and in December 2004 I was privileged to receive an award in the Black Belt Hall of Fame for my services to the Martial Arts. I have been very lucky to still have Sensei Rolo as my sensei for these past 40 years.

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